Rose Restaurant – Closed

Rose Restaurant, formerly Café Rose, 300 W. Broad St., Falls Church, 532-1700, not far from Rt. 29.
Attached to a motel, and very much a mom and pop. They’re cooking just for you, and will even give you advice about how to eat it. Very good and a classic Virginia experience. Get the Gourmet Sabzi [Ghorma Sabzi, properly], and ask for the specials. Recommended, and they also are open at funny times when no one else is, other than the Koreans that is.
This place is now gone, due to eminent domain. I will keep up the review as a form of protest.
Update March 4, 2007: Open again in Vienna, VA, on Rt.123, it is excellent, both the kabobs and the stews, definitely recommended. Review here.

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5 Responses to Rose Restaurant – Closed

  1. jeff says:

    A new Persian looking place just opened up in Vienna on 123 in the same place as an old out of business geneic kabob place (Bread and Kabob), it is called Rose. I wonder if it is related?

  2. Maria Oveysi says:

    Hey there,
    I’m actually the daughter of the owner of rose rest. it is now re located at 126 w maple aven. in vienna.
    please feel free to come and join us at the new location.
    Thank you

  3. Patrick says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about the closing of the old Rose arising from a questionable exercise of eminent domain. My understanding is that it was a purely private development deal — which has now fallen through, leaving intact (but no more sightly) the motel in which Rose was located.

  4. johnshade says:

    No eminent domain here. There is now another restaurant in the spot called La Carraquena (or something like that). Haven’t tried it, but you can take your misinformed protest down now.

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