Rus-Uz Restaurant

Rus-Uz Restaurant, 1000 N Randolph St, Arlington, VA, 202-468-8472 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [NoVA Mag | Yelp]

Worth a visit, though it could be better. The appetizers are only so-so and rely too much on the qualities of “fried” and “bready.” The manti and the fried pasta with lamb (your best choice) were both quite good. This is the unusual restaurant where the main courses are better than the small dishes. The salads have that Russian mayonnaise thing going, ugh. I liked what I had, they don’t have enough variety here, but still at the very least you should go. It also draws an interesting crowd of Uzbekis and Russians. Right near Ballston Metro.

Uzbek cuisine – Wikipedia

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  1. BintheCT says:

    I am hardly surprised the main dishes were better than the small plates. Nothing beats a huge helping of lamb plov. The more oil, whole cumin and whole coriander, the better!

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