Silk Road, Uyghur Cuisine

Silk Road, Uyghur Cuisine, web site, 301 S. Washington Blvd., Falls Church, VA, 703-534-3838 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [FCNP | Ylp]

The smallest of the Uighur places, and possibly the most authentic, a true mom and pop. (They have “normal” American-Chinese dishes too.) Get the chopped noodle and also the Chili Paper [sic] Chicken, that should read Pepper. You should visit this excellent restaurant even if you already know and enjoy the other recently opened Uighur places in the area. They also serve lamb hoof and shredded tripe.

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One Response to Silk Road, Uyghur Cuisine

  1. Steve Hick says:

    The lamb hoof is braised lamb shank. Had the chopped noodle, very savory, next time I’ll ask if they have that hot paste some of the other Uyghur places have on the table.

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