Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger, in Danor Plaza, 120B Branch Road SE, near Maple Avenue, Vienna, VA, 703-319-3922 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo | City Paper | openlist | Gayot]

Vienna goes Pan-Asian. Again, note that the Pan-Asian concept started off as a bold innovation, now it is usually an excuse to get a sugary and inauthentic version of the real thing. Go to Sichuan Village instead and get the pig’s maw with ginger and garlic.

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  1. Evan says:

    On the other hand, if you’re passing by the Danor Plaza shopping center in Vienna (perhaps coming back from a long walk at the GORGEOUS Meadowlark Botanical Gardens nearby? – – Note: bring change to buy fish/turtle food to feed the fish and turtles, especially if you’ve brought the kids!) there are TWO outstanding places in the very same shopping center:
    1) Aditi Bistro – New SemiFusion Indian place with FANTASTIC Masala Wraps (with rice) or Kati Rolls (no rice) that are an Indian-ish version of the burrito that rivals if not beats anything prepared by Chipotle. My favorites, in order: The chicken kati roll and the spiced potato kati roll. The paneer and veggie is OK but not my fave. Overall I believe you won’t be disappointed, but if you want moderated spice heat, be sure to tell them “American Mild” (as opposed to “Indian Mild”) when you’re ordering. I haven’t gotten their other dishes yet but have heard that they’re good. Personally I find the Masala Wraps (i.e., the full burrito with rice) to be too big with far too much carb load for me…but the Kati rolls, smaller and without the rice, are PERFECT. These folks get a good mix of both Indian and Westerner customers. Go, go, GO! Definitely worth a try!
    2) Cenan’s Bakery: A Turkish-owned bakery that has a few good Turkish eats. I like the spinach and feta spread they sell in the cold items refrigerated section up front, and also the Borek with the cheese and dill…kind of like a lasagna without the meat or tomato sauce. Yummmm!!! I also like the Cenan’s marinated vegetable salad, also in the refrig section.
    Sweet Ginger may be humdrum but both Aditi Bistro and Cenan’s bakery are worth a stop to try.

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