TCEDG has switched to WordPress recently moved to the WordPress platform. As part of that move, the URLs for posts and categories changed, and as result all of the internal links to posts and categories must be updated.

We are in the process of updating those links. In the meantime, if you can not find a particular place or if a link has not yet been updated in another post, please use the search feature (located in the upper right corner). You can also use the “Categories” and “Archives” drop down lists located at the bottom of the right-hand column.

We are also interested in reader recommendations, most especially from readers who are knowledgeable about WordPress, for WordPress plugins that can enhance for readers.

  • Please send photos and WordPress plugin recommendations to:
    tcedgpics -at-

  • Please continue to send comments and restaurant recommendations
    to: tcowen -at-

  • You are also welcome to post comments on entries, although
    comments are moderated to keep spam comments out.

Thank you for your ongoing support and suggestions.

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