The Burger Joint (BGR) and Shake Shack

The Burger Joint (GBR), web site, and Shake Shack, web site, multiple locations and growing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: KayOne73

As of December, 2011, The Burger Joint is in many states, including Virginia (including Alexandria, Arlington, Clarendon, and Springfield), and Shake Shack is in several states and also DC.

They are both fast food chains but they are also both pretty good. I’d say they are better than the median place on this list. TBJ even uses real dry-aged beef. Excellent fries in both places. They’re both also more expensive than traditional fast food. I would eat in these places more if not for health considerations (carbs). All I can say is that if you are tempted, you have my blessing.

A few other sample reviews
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Shake Shack: Yelp | WaPo | City Paper | Gayot | Washingtonian | Don Rockwell

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  1. eric says:

    The salient question, at least for DC area residents, is how do these two measure up against Five Guys?

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