Viet Bistro

Viet Bistro, in Eden Center, Arlington, off Wilson Boulevard, near Rt. 7 (approximately 6801 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA), 703-538-7575, in the corner of the mall closest to Wilson Blvd. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | City Paper]

Right now this is the best place in the Eden Center and indeed the best Vietnamese place around. Finer and fresher than Four Sisters. Get the baby clams, the caramel fish, the frogs’ legs, the eel, anything with lemon grass, and the shaking beef. Consistently tasty and refined. Good for vegans and vegetarians also, first-rate tofu. Don’t miss it.

The Best

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12 Responses to Viet Bistro

  1. Mike says:

    Great recommendation. The salted fried tofu was superb.

  2. Tony says:

    Check out their website for the menu:

  3. Eden Center

    Eden Center, web site, directions, use this address for locating on online maps: 6795 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, VA. Eden Center is on Wilson Boulevard, in Seven Corners, near Rt. 50 and Rt. 7. This is not really a strip…

  4. Viet Bistro

    I spent an entire summer living in the Oakwood apartments in East Falls Church, convinced that Northern Virginia, or at least everything within walking distance of my apartment, was a wasteland. Especially culinarily. This is particularly embarrassing …

  5. mel says:

    This is my favorite VN restaurant. They have the BEST Bun Thit Nuong (the rice noodle salad with grilled lemon grass pork) – trust me I’ve eaten my way through many a greasy pieces of pork looking for a great grilled pork and this is it.

  6. arthur says:

    This place is awesome, I love the shaky beef and yummy seafood clay pot dishes. IMHO, this is the finest Vietnamese restaurant around. The atmosphere of this place is young and laid back. Avoid the weekend if driving cause finding the parking in this Eden shopping center is a big problem.

  7. A. says:

    Being that my only experience with Vietnamese food was Pho, and bubble tea, tofu, and banh mi from Eden Center, I figured it’s time for a real sit down meal.
    I ordered a seafood and rice clay pot item from the house specialties section, and unfortunately when it came out they gave me my order with chicken, not seafood, but whatever. I ate it anyway. I was expecting more flavor, all it really ended up being was fried rice with some mushrooms and little tiny egg things that made it a little creative.
    A big plus though, the super hot clay pot made the rice on the bottom crisp up and get really crunchy while you ate, I was instructed to stir the pot so it wouldn’t burn. It was that hot.
    Appetizer was OK, squid sauteed in salt and pepper. I wish it had been spicy.
    It’s worth another try, but I’d order differently…or maybe get what I really ORIGINALLY ordered.

  8. M says:

    We ordered the caramel fish, sweet and sour chicken (for a child) and the lemongrass eel. Fellow came out and advised against the eel ‘very strong flavor, not like sushi’ so we had shaky beef instead. Everything was really tasty. Parking was tight at almost 10pm. Lots of people smoking, yuk. Lots of coming and going through the doors at both ends of the restaurant, chilly.

  9. Fast Eyes says:

    We have never disappointed with Viet Bistro – we consider it the best in Eden Center now. Even though I found this one on my own, I live with Tyler’s list in the car, in case we are out without planning dinner in advance.

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  11. JPRo says:

    Went last night with a couple of other folks. Shaky beef was pretty tasty; same with the baby clams. I had the spicy fried tofu and that has a really good taste. The seafood hot pot was very nice.

  12. James says:

    Is it better than Huong Viet? Huong Viet has always been my go-to-place for Vietnamese at Eden Center.

    The first time I walked in there, there was an older Vietnamese gentleman in a faded ARVN uniform who spoke excellent French. Maybe it’s nostalgia on my part.

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