A Taste of Burma

A Taste of Burma, web site, 126 Edds Lane, Sterling, VA, off Rte. 7, 703-444-8511 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo | Gayot]

2020 review.

This place is supposed to be very good. As usual, in a Burmese place try some of the salads. The Post recommends the Singapore noodles as well, and the noodles more generally.

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4 Responses to A Taste of Burma

  1. You really need to go here – it’s the best Burmese food in DC, and the prices blow every other restaurant away – watch out though, after 3+ years of building a clientele it’s getting to be a wait at peak times. Would love to here what you have to say. Ginger salad and tea leaf salad, sour leaf soup are all great.

  2. Ryan Kutty says:

    I agree with the first reviewer. Thoroughly enjoyed it my first visit to this restaurant recently. The restaurant, tucked away in the corner of a strip mall, is very clean and inviting. Very nice to dine at a restaurant where the parents run the kitchen and their son seats the guests and also waits the tables. We tried some classic Burmese dishes like fermented tea leaf salad, Mohingar (a fish soup with noodles), samosa salad, and Burmese-style falooda (dessert). Truly delectable. Highly recommended.

  3. I completely agree with both reviewers. The food here is top notch. You have to try the pork with mango and chili sauce. Every time I have been here is has been half empty, I’d hate to lose this gem of a restaurant. There should be more Burmese restaurants in this area!

  4. Akhan says:

    I wish we could give negative stars this place. What a HORRIBLE first and last experience! I will break it down into sections for you to read.
    Waitstaff: The lady working at this place took her sweet time serving us. She didn’t care for our concerns that our food was not good, and when asked for water it took her 30 minutes to get it for us, even though the place was completely dead. She spoke English well, but appeared to not understand us when we were talking to her.
    Food Portion/Pricing: This place is WAYYY overpriced for the food they serve including the portions. We ordered a bowl of soup for two ($11) and when it arrived, the bowl was the size of a regular small soup bowl filled 1/2 way. I asked the waitress if this is the right size for a “Soup for Two” and she said it was. Needless to say, my wife and I only got a few sips each. We both ordered beef dishes, I had the Mongolian Beef ($16) and my wife had the Slow Cooked beef ($15). I was shocked to see when my plate arrived, it was served on a 5″ by 5″ appetizer plate!!!!!! and my wife got hers in a bowl that you can only classify as a child’s cereal bowl! Again we got really upset with the portions and asked to speak to the owner.
    Owner: WOW..I can’t believe this guy owns the place. Instead of helping us with our complaints, he kept telling us that this was “Our Problem” . I am not sure what kind of a owner this person really is, if he does not even care what the customers think. When we told him the portion was too small, he told us to order more…WTH?? After we told him it was the food was expensive relative to the portions, he went and grabbed a Washingtonian magazine and continued to display to us that he was nominated for “Cheap Eats”…and told us that we are lucky we aren’t paying $50 a person for a place like his!! He made the experience far worse than it already was…
    Consumers beware..this place is TERRIBLE to say the least.
    Will not be going there again, if I didn’t make that clear enough

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