Which are the best hawker centres in Singapore right now?

Inquiring minds wish to know for the purposes of the next few days. . . . I have my own views, but first would love to hear yours.

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One Response to Which are the best hawker centres in Singapore right now?

  1. Gary Leff says:

    I guess the question is how to do you evaluate this overall? There are individual stalls that represent real peaks in several different centers. Are you looking for the stalls that have the highest averages? or the most number of places that are really, really good?

    In my experience most centers don’t have more than one generally recognized true standout plus several stalls that are very good. Although nearly all of the stalls will offer good versions of the food they specialize in by US standards.

    I like the Red Hill Road food center for Chai tow kway (‘fried carrot cake’ which does not contain carrots but rather radishes, best stall there is Fu Ming Cooked Food). And I like the Hong Lim Food Center for the best Char Kway Teow I’ve ever had at Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee. Are either places the best food center overall? I don’t know. I can also get some pretty good duck rick at Hong Lim center. And it’s walking distance from Tong Heng pastry shop for some delicious egg tarts 🙂

    And yet I go back over and over to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village because it makes for such a pleasant evening, open air beside the water. (While you can get very good chili crab there, and that’s what most will recommend, there’s plenty of good satay and also good laksa to be found as well.) Most food centers are highly industrial. This is just such a nice place to be, and it has pretty good food that’s reasonably priced of course.

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