Alf Laylah Wa Laylah

Alf Laylah Wa Laylah, 13975 Metrotech Drive, Sully Place Shopping Center, Chantilly, VA, 703-378-6677 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Alexandria Gazette]
An excellent name, no? The owner is Palestinian, the chef is Turkish, how should I list this place? Mostly the food is “Middle Eastern,” with many Lebanese dishes, but since they have hookah I will put it under the category “Egyptian.”

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4 Responses to Alf Laylah Wa Laylah

  1. Maria Gonzales says:

    I have read the introduction posted on this site and decided to go to Alf Layla Wa Laylah for my birthday. I thought the food was going to be as good as it was described. Well it was not the case. I was there last Friday, you will think that for a Friday they will pay more attention since people tend to go out more that on a weeknights.
    We ordered 3 appetizers: spinach with lemon (I ate it somewhere else and loved it so I though it will be as good: big mistake); kibbi (the outer part was tick, so there wasn’t enough space for the ground beef & nuts); tabboule: was ok.
    Entrees: I ordered a mixed grill and my husband ordered a chicken shawarma. I have no idea what kind of meat they used for the mix grill, it was supposed to be pieces of lamb, pieces of beef, ground beef, and chicken. I recognized the chicken by its color not by its taste (it was dry and burn like when you try to reheat kabbab). I didn’t eat the pieces of meat. It came with rice: the rice was cold. The chicken shawarma had no taste: my husband said it was probably left over chicken they cooked for lunch and separated to look like shawarma. His rice was cold too.
    The only thing that soothed me was dessert: kind of cream with pistachios on top.
    I was hungry and very disappointed. It is clear that I will not return to that restaurant and will not recommend it to my friends. The whole experience was a disaster. Especially when my husband wanted to take my to another place and I insisted on going to Alf Layla Wa Laylah.

  2. Tauzzzi says:

    Few weeks ago a different price was charged for chicken shawarma and today $7.75 was charged for chicken shawarma. Stunned!!! Not only the price was an issue but a thing called “Adjustments for $1.24” was charged. When asked to where is the change out of $10.00 after getting back .04 cents which I gave as tip, the answer from the owner was Wasnt the lunch good??? Place is dishonest and empty…..Now, I am not sure if the food is even worth it since honesty is not the goal there. Needless to say I will ensure I tell as many as I can of their practices.

  3. Lena L says:

    I am surprised by the reviews above.
    Alf Leylah Wa Leylah is one of my favorite night spots. Maybe that’s part of the problem- the above reviewers went at different times.
    The food when I’ve been ranges from excellent to decent. There is a new cook, and he’s been doing a great job. From what I understand the cook uses the owners father’s recipes- so it’s mostly homestyle Palestinian food- with ME options.
    On weekend nights- THAT’S when this place in hopping. They have an excellent band, really great- they play all the classics and all the new Arab pop. There’s plenty of time to dance (they have a dance floor) and there is also debke if you’re into that. They also have an awesome belly dancer who really has the right feel.

  4. AJ says:

    BE AWARE!!! BIG TIME RIP OFF!!! The worst hookah bar I’ve seen in my life with the most crapiest service possible. First they charged us $10 “Cover fee”, then they wouldn’t let us sit toghether since we had a big party. They charged us $35 per hookah, which is ridiculous fee for just a single hookah. The owner, I think he goes by the name “SAM”, kept coming back to our table and yelling at us and telling us we can and can not do. It just ruined our weekend. He charged us over $350 just for 5 appetizers, 5 hookahs and drinks, plus the cover fee. That’s a lot of money for a crapy place like this. Not to mention that the middle eastern owner is rude, disrespectful, uses foul language as if it is nothing and definitely doesn’t know a thing about hospitality. We did want to order food but because of their bad treatment we all left the place. Will never go to this place ever again and I suggest you don’t either.

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