Bangkok Golden 3 Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Golden 3 Thai Restaurant, web site, 6395 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA, right next to Hong Kong Palace (this is NOT in Eden Center), 703-533-9480 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | WaPo | Yelp]

(Updated review here.)

Bangkok Golden Thai Restaurant, 6395 Seven Corners Center, Falls Church, VA

(Online maps do not always accurately show the location. The actual address is 6395 Seven Corners Center, in the Seven Corners Shopping Center, but using 6222 Leesburg Pike does show the approximate location. This place is on the southeast end of the Seven Corners Shopping Center, between Leesburg Pike and Rt. 50, about 2/3rds of a mile due south of Eden Center, facing Sears, that includes Michaels and Shoppers Food Warehouse on the Leesburg Pike side, and Fortune and Home Depot on the Rt. 50 side. The Google link does show a good map.)

It’s called Thai, and they do have Thai food (including a mediocre buffet), but there is also a separate Laotian menu – which you have to ask for — and it is a stunner. This is by far the best Laotian food I’ve had. Everything is excellent. You can even get the dishes which don’t sound too interesting. Use the dipping sauces a lot. The chicken on a skewer is very good, as are the small dishes to start and the soups and the tilapia. But it doesn’t matter so much what you get here, what matters is that you go at all. Sticky rice too, of course.

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  1. LGoode says:

    Went to Bangkok Golden last night. Found the larb and koi dishes to be everything I hoped. And the tiny, delicate chilies dispersed throughout took the heat right to the edge without going over. The meena kathi (rice noodles w/pork) will keep anyone warm on a cold winter night.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I can’t wait to go back.

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