Bleg for Merida, Mexico

I haven’t been there for thirty years, what do you all recommend for a short stay? And where can we find good marquesitas, pib x’catik, caballeros pobres, pucheros, and chancletas? Among other delicious treats.

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One Response to Bleg for Merida, Mexico

  1. David says:

    Chaya Maya (two locations downtown) is the place for for Mayan soul food.

    Pops Cafeteria is not self-consciously “tipico”, but it’s where the local businessmen go. Excellent “hot cakes” (that’s the Yucatecan term) at breakfast, but I prefer the huevos Motulanos.

    Apoala is Oaxacan rather than Yucatecan, but the nicest restaurant in town. My girlfriend says, “fine dining at Olive Garden prices”.

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