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Eating well in Stockholm

Yes, the fancy expensive places are great. But more generally, I recommend that you order the dishes with game and lingonberries, most of all lingonberries. Soups here are above average, and I do not generally love soups. The pizza is … Continue reading

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Where and how to eat in Cape Town, South Africa

Don’t laugh, but basically you want to eat in the restaurants with the beautiful women. And with the views of the waterfront. You may recall those are usually the opposite of the correct recommendations. But in Cape Town, there is … Continue reading

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Rules for Tri-State Italian food

Piers emails me: You’re a NJ native and great at finding good restaurants. So what are the rules for finding good old school American Italian restaurants? Not like modern farm to table places full of natural light in Brooklyn or … Continue reading

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San Francisco dining

Dwarkesh brought me to the very good Sizzling Pot King, 139 8th St, San Francisco, genuine Hunan food and yes I have been to Changsha. Don’t walk there though, take an Uber or better yet a Waymo. Dwarkesh was kind … Continue reading

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How to eat well in Sri Lanka

Food here is excellent, but eating well involves some counterintuitive advice. For one thing, there are few “undiscovered gems” along the roadways. It is just not a thing here, and several Sri Lanka residents have confirmed this to me (one … Continue reading

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Alaska food notes

There is salmon, halibut, and crab, the latter usually priced at $125 for the meal. The salmon I liked but did not love, so the halibut is the standout order in Anchorage, noting that even fish and chips may cost … Continue reading

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Singaporean hawker centre in Manhattan

Urban Hawker, On 135 W.50th, 17 vendors Here is a NYT review, good photos of the key dishes. The Hainanese chicken rice was amazing, worthy of Singapore, get it poached of course. Condiments! The Malaysian lontong was quite good, the … Continue reading

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Jiwa Singapura

Jiwa Singapura, web site, located inside Tysons Galleria at the mezzanine level by CMX Cinema (above Arhaus Furniture), 1702U The Galleria at Tysons, Floor 3M, McLean, VA 22102, 571-425-4101 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Washingtonian … Continue reading

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Los Angeles dining

Northern Thai Food Club, 5301 Sunset Blvd. Kao Soi, melon salad, and don’t forget the sour bamboo shoots. The place has only a few tables. Old Sasoon Bakery, Pasadena, 1132 North Allen Avenue, mostly Armenian and some Georgian dishes, won’t … Continue reading

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One reason why the Seoul dining scene still has so many nooks and crannies

There are so many places with dishes you’ve never tried before. And they are deep into alleyways, or on the second or third floors of retail establishments. In these places I never see people take out their cameras and photograph … Continue reading

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