Cafe Assorti

Café Assorti, web site, 1800 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA, 703-465-0036, open at 8 am for breakfast, through to 9 or 10 pm (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Washingtonian | Wash Times | Menu Pages | Don Rockwell | Yelp]

It’s called Kazakh food but in reality I know a lot of Russians who eat exactly this stuff. Vegetable salads. Pelmenyi dumplings. Crepes. Cutlet. Etc. But you know what the problem is? This place is right across the street from Ray’s Hell-Burger. Since my in-laws cook this food for me, I always head for Ray’s. I look forward to your reports.

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One Response to Cafe Assorti

  1. Jason Walker says:

    My wife and I love this place. You’re right – the offerings are a mixture of Kazak and Russian, but they are all well done, down to the Pelmeni and Manti. The place is run by a Kazak family, with the family matriarch still based in Kazakstan(!). It’s rarely too crowded, and service is reliable and friendly.

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