East Dumpling House

East Dumpling House, FB, 12 North Washington St., Suite 14G, Rockville, MD, 301-762-6200, no reservations, opens at 10:30 am (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | Don Rockwell | Yelp reviews | Yelp photos and menu | TripAdvisor]

Real Beijing street food. Mostly kabobs (with Chinese spices) and dumplings, though the cold dishes are good too. I count 38 different forms of dumpling, including lamb, chicken, mushroom, bean curd and cabbage, and many other options in various combinations and manifestations. Their “Tofu Prime Products” are excellent too. These are the best dumplings around and this place should immediately be considered essential dining. It has no close substitute in this area and in terms of quality and price it is excellent.

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3 Responses to East Dumpling House

  1. Eve B says:

    Hi Tyler – I just had lunch here this past Sunday and yes, its everything you say it is! I waited patiently for it to open as I work in Rockville Town Center, right around the corner. Like you, I live in Virginia, but I knew it was coming because I watched the signs, but, how do you learn about these restaurants as you are based in VA? Thanks!

  2. Peter Marx says:


    I’m not with you on this one. Started off with great, made to order, hot and sour soup. Superb. Wanted lamb and celery dumplings but they didn’t have and they suggested lamb and carrots. They weren’t very good. We also got pork and chive dumplings which were much better, but no where near as good as Mama’s at China Bistro. Also tried lamb, chicken (dark) and beef kabobs — the beef were terrible, the chicken OK, and the lamb pretty good. Probably won’t go back.

  3. Damir Marusic says:

    Excellent—a perfect complement to Jin River. I could see it being problematic if they’re swamped, but I went on a Sunday evening and the service was great and the food quite excellent.

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