Gharer Khabar

Gharer Khabar, 5151 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA, 703-973-2432

Updated review here.

A new Bangladeshi place which isn’t quite ready, but is open and excellent. I found they were surprised when a) I walked in the door, and b) I asked for a menu. After a bit of Monty Python back and forth a’la “Cheese Shop,” I discovered that currently the menu only serves two kinds of biryanis. But they’re both very good, extremely fragrant and delicate. I am told at some point the main chef is coming back from Bangladesh, then we will see what happens. But right now this is a place I will revisit. It is also one of the two or three cheapest places on this whole list.

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One Response to Gharer Khabar

  1. Jerry says:

    Yes, sweet people. This place deserves to succeed, but it’s kind of easy to overlook in that strip. There’s a bigger Bangladeshi place just a few stores away; that must make for the most intense concentration of Bangladeshi restaurants almost anywhere. Except for Bangladesh, of course.

    I haven’t yet had their biryanis; my appetite was less ambitious. The appetizers are good.

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