Desi Bethak

Desi Bethak, web site, 8000 Haute Court, Springfield, VA, 703-337-2448 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | zabihah | Ylp]

Egads, what a place! It looks like a little shack in a forlorn part of Springfield, Springfield already being a forlorn city in a forlorn part of the county. And yes, much of the food is too oily or maybe too something. But there is a fundamental distinction between places where the food tastes real, and where the food does not, and this restaurant belongs in the former category. The best biryani around, try the Haleem too. The bread and the green sauce are of note as well. Note they often run out of things, but that is because it is made in fresh batches, so on average it is best to visit early in the day, usually they open by 10. Is there any local Pakistani place that feels and acts so…Pakistani? Thumbs up, of course.

Update September 2020.

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  1. Matt Thompson says:

    Not Pakistani, but I also recommend Saran Indian Vegetarian Cafe in Springfield. It’s a little storefront, but the food is quite good. Very good dosas!

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