Hunan Gate Restaurant

Hunan Gate Restaurant, web site, 4233 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA, 703-243-5678 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | DishTip | TripAdvisor | Menuism | City Paper | Yelp]

This is the place with the Manchurian menu, some of which is now available in English and with photos. (My previous review.)

On the surface a mediocre Hunan place, but underneath there is a Manchurian menu, originally in Chinese only but now parts are in English. Order from that! No other place around tastes like this one. I recommend the tofu scallion salad, the julienne potato salad, the NE style pancake, the chive potstickers, the cumin lamb, and the pork riblets with Italian flat bean stew, plus the amazing chicken dish with the large, flat wheat noodles, a real winner. I am not sure how you can get any of these but try your best. Nor should you forget the pork belly stew with wide glass noodles or the pots and dishes with fermented cabbage. This place is still getting better. Definitely recommended.

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  1. ralph ruben says:

    I can confirm that the lamb cumin here is great.

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