Mount of Lebanon

Mount of Lebanon, 2922 Annandale Rd., Falls Church, VA, 703-241-7071 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window)

This is a reopened version of the excellent restaurant which used to be in Falls Church City, attached to a Lebanese butcher, before it burned down. It’s now much larger and, for some reason, the food is even tastier. Extremely authentic and reasonably priced, much cheaper than either Cava or Me Jana. Get the hummus with meat, the grape leaves, the lamb with yogurt sauce (lamb feteh), the spicy sausage. Definitely recommended, an excellent place across all dimensions. They also serve lamb brains, for those who seek that. Some day I will try the quails.

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5 Responses to Mount of Lebanon

  1. Bob Gellman says:

    We visited this place a few weeks ago. We were big fans of the former Lebanese butcher shop, the predecessor to this place. The new place is MUCH larger than the old, with a very similar menu. I concur pretty much with Tyler’s menu recommendations, except that we tried the quail and liked it a lot.

    We also like Cafe Raouche (2839 Gallows Road, Falls Church) for lebanese. A very mom and pop place, albeit with a much less broad and much less ambitious menu. Their mezze sampler is quite nice, and other dishes are good. The mom-and-popness counts for a lot here.

    • Mary says:

      I agree on both counts. Cafe Raouche is a delight … excellent fresh food in a simple clean place, friendly people. Outstanding hummus. We bought food for a party, all items were a big hit. Not knowing what the quantities were, we ordered a lot but received a huge amount of the delicious food to share with our guests.

      Mount of Lebanon restaurant has moved to the side room on the north side of the Annandale Road building. It is a bright and cozy space that much better suits a restaurant operaton. The buffet, alas, has been discontinued; if you have a coupon, be sure to make specific arrangements re ordering and payment credit ahead of time. The food as always is wonderful. There is a covered area outside in the rear for smokers.

      Meanwhile the butcher shop has moved into the main part of the building, along with a very nice, greatly expanded grocery operation. Now there’s another reason to visit.

  2. Daniel Broid says:

    I went a couple days ago with my girlfriend and it was great. the falafel and foul were really good, and the waiter very nice. They didn’t have the raw kibe, which was sad but a good sign of freshness. Desserts were (expectedly?) so-so.

  3. Hafiz Choudhury says:

    Just got back from there with my family of four. Food (mixed grill, lamb shish, etc.) was excellent, but I for one will not be going back. They tried the oldest trick in the book – sticking a 19% “group gratuity” along with orders, and when I gave them my card, printed out the charge (incl. the gratuity) with a blank line with TIP. I paid what was asked for, but thats the last time I’m spending my money there.

  4. Marie Hyder says:

    I tried the lamb with yogurt sauce (feteh) and although I asked for minimal garlic, the dish was so heavily burdened with garlic that I could not finish it. There were pieces of bone in the lamb so I ate very gingerly. The waitress was nowhere to be found for most of the meal so my dining companion got up to find the water pitcher and refill our glasses. I am Lebanese and was most disappointed in the food. I will not return there.

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