Yanzi Noodle House and Taiwan Style

Yanzi Noodle House and Taiwan Style, web site, 10955 Fairfax Blvd, Suite 108, Fairfax, VA (between T-Mobile and Red Wing), 301-777-8888 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo | Reddit | Ylp] They moved from Rockville, MD.

One of the most authentic Chinese places around. Their main dishes are the noodle soups from southwestern China, sour and spicy together, first-rate, but note for me they are not enough for a full meal. The rest of the menu has southwest Chinese influences, though not as far west as Yunnan province. Recently I had the tofu, pork, and mushrooms dish – a home run and again with authenticity off the charts. What they have varies wildly by day, so you can never quite be sure. They don’t seem to have the Taiwanese dishes at all any more. Highly recommended, this is not an “all purpose Chinese restaurant,” but a real Fairfax experience.

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3 Responses to Yanzi Noodle House and Taiwan Style

  1. John Thacker says:

    If you go to the website, there’s a pop up saying that due to some equipment breaking, they weren’t making the Taiwanese dishes but hope to have the full menu back next week. No date on the message, but I don’t recall seeing it before.

  2. Pete Soudar says:

    Just tried this place last night (5/15). Got the Dry Delicious Luosifen, Taiwan Popcorn chicken, and Roast Port with Fried Egg over rice (with some veggies they added). VERY good. They told me the ONLY Taiwanese dishes they are serving are the popcorn chicken and stinky tofu, because the Taiwanese chef had “moved on to greener pastures” (the phrase they used). Unfortunately they haven’t yet updated either the hardcopy or online menu, so figuring out what they serve and don’t serve takes some work. Nonetheless, the quality of the food was phenomenally tasty. I’m a fan and will be a regular.

  3. Pete says:

    Went again several times. Tried the Guilin Rice Noodle, Laoyou Rice Noodle, the Fried Tofu and Pork dish that Tyler recommended, sauteed Bok Choy, and Roast Pork Fried Rice. Guilin Rice Noodle has beef and pork in it, I thought it was good. Laoyou Noodle has just pork, some pickled vegetables, and a very sour-spicy broth. The Pork & Tofu dish Tyler recommended was good, but I wouldn’t get it again. I will say that Yanzi makes what I think is the TASTIEST regular old plain pork fried rice ANYWHERE. I’ll keep trying more dishes but so far, my favorites are the various kinds of Luosifen. I prefer the dry Luosifen mainly because I’m squeamish about eating snails. I’ve only tried snails once, French Escargot at a very expensive well reputed French restaurant in Great Falls…and let’s just say that I didn’t care for snails. Maybe Yanzi’s snails taste better but my first experience at the French place turned me off snails forever.

    I highly recommend Yanzi Noodle House. The quality of the cooking is superb.

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