New edition of Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide

Here is the one file, print it all out version, just revised. Here is the blog version, which is easier to follow in bits and pieces, looks nicer, works better, and accepts comments. Here are the links on Twitter.

The old trends were good hamburgers and pizza. Those haven’t gone away, but the new area trends are Yemeni, Filipino, and more more more Chinese of many different kinds. Good Mexican is on the way, finally. Vietnamese and El Salvadoran are fine but stagnant. Persian is growing, Ethiopian is robust, and will more African be next? The biggest growth in quality and interest has come in DC (!), not the suburbs, at least this time around. In Virginia, Chantilly has made the largest gains.

The good news, at least from a culinary point of view, is that the gentrification of northern Virginia — northern and central Arlington excepted — is proceeding at a much slower rate than people might have expected say ten years ago.

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One Response to New edition of Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide

  1. Scot says:

    Thanks for publishing a new edition of the Guide – I’ve followed your advice for years and have had many pleasurable meals as a result. Thank you!

    One general comment on something that has changed over the years is that so many more restaurants in Virginia and DC offer wine corkage, and often for a very modest fee (e.g., $9). I collect wine and this development has really made these dining adventures so much more enjoyable since this is an area where many restaurants are lacking (in spite of great food).


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