Rinconsito Caribeno

Rinconsito Caribeno, on Columbia Avenue NW, just east of 18th Avenue NW, in the Adams Morgan street food plaza, Mi Tierra Farmer’s Market, Friday, Saturdays, Sundays lunch, or as God allows. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [WaPo | Wash Examiner | Yelp]

The best Puerto Rican food around, this is street food only. Most of the other vendors serve El Salvadoran food and there is one decent Mexican place there (Viva Mexico). I recommend the stuffed pepper (most of all), the Puerto Rican lasagna, the mofongos, and the Puerco asado. The chicken isn’t bad but it is nothing special.


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2 Responses to Rinconsito Caribeno

  1. Brian E. says:

    This is one of my favorite places to eat in DC. The food is always good and you can’t beat the prices. I can vouch for both the Puerto Rican lasagna and the Puerco asado that Tyler mentions. The cole slaw that is thrown on the market’s taquitos is also quite scrumptious, and adds a lot of flavor to an otherwise bland dish.

  2. Theophylact says:

    That’s Columbia Road and 18th Street NW, Tyler. One would think you’ve never been in DC…

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