The One Day a Week Restaurant

Eric Crampton emails me:

    Why don’t we see more of this? I went to the only Ethiopian restaurant in New Zealand last night. It runs one day a week – Mondays – in a Burmese restaurant that otherwise was closed on Mondays.

    I can understand that this kind of arrangements would have risks for the host restaurant. Ideally, you’d want it from a non-competing cuisine style. But this is the first instance of it I’ve ever seen. Have I just not been paying attention? The story from the Dominion Post on how the place opened is very nice. The woman running the Burmese restaurant was an immigrant from Burma who later started volunteering with an NGO that helped new migrants acclimatize. She met a guy there who wanted to open an Ethiopean restaurant but had no capital; her restaurant was closed Mondays.

    The other 6 days a week the Ethiopean restauranteur drives a cab.

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2 Responses to The One Day a Week Restaurant

  1. Mony says:

    There are some places in DC are kind of like this. Tutto Benne in Ballston is Italian during the week and South American (Bolivian?) during the weekend. Big Hunt is an American dive bar during the weekend and week nights and tacqueria during the week at lunch.

  2. Tom says:

    Yes, they do this in San Francisco. In fact there is a very famous chef, whose name escapes me, who only cooks by renting out a place for a night a week.

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