Urban Butcher

Urban Butcher, web site, 8226 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD, 301-585-5800 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google | WaPo | Washingtonian | TripAdvisor | City Paper | Ylp | Don Rockwell]

Charcuterie, plus the kind of things which charcuterie restaurants are serving. I ate here once, and really enjoyed my lamb sausage, olives, tuna ceviche, pork belly appetizer, and shepherd’s cheese, plus club soda. Maybe the ceviche was overmarinated, but still a tasty meal and I really went away happy. About the food at least. The service too.

But $76 plus tip? This is not a blog that whinges about prices, but it is hard for me to justify returning there. I guess I should have stuck with their $12 cheeseburger. Or maybe sales taxes in Maryland went up when I wasn’t looking.

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One Response to Urban Butcher

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m a bit confused by this review. I eat there pretty regularly with friends and when we each get an appetizer, entree, and dessert, it rarely tops $45/person and we always leave stuffed. Their entrees are in the mid $20s, their appetizers range from $8 to $16, and their desserts are $8. Their entrees are particularly amazing and considering the portions, are really well priced. I can see how the charcuterie can quickly add up, but if you go with the regular menu, it’s easy to fill up on reasonably priced foods. If you’re looking for something cheaper though, their happy hour menu is about half the price and their butcher board sandwiches are outstanding. My personal favorite, as a New Yorker, is the pastrami, which I think easily beats Katz’s. I can understand being put off by high prices, but I’d recommend a re-evaluation.

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