Why I don’t like desserts

I’ve been challenged on this point many times in the last few days.

People, let me stress there are two different propositions:

1. “I don’t like desserts.”

2. “I don’t like desserts (with economist’s hat on).”

I meant mainly the latter, although I do also find many desserts overrated. If you grow accustomed to not too much sugar, many desserts in fact turn out to be disgusting.

In any case, the sugar and calories “shadow price” of most desserts is pretty high. I’d rather consume my health sins in other ways, and so relative to their actual net prices I find few desserts are worth it. My favorite desserts, by the way, are found in Kolkaata, and those I consume avidly. If I lived in Kolkaata, however, I might have to convince myself they are not any good, because I see a lumpiness issue with their negative health effects. I don’t feel my tourist consumption will harm me much if at all, but as a native I would be tempted to have them every day.

The green pepper is a food which as a human I like a small amount but as an economist I like a great deal.

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