China Star

China Star, web site, 9600 Main Street (Route 236), Fairfax, VA, 703-323-8822 (in the same shopping center as Kinko’s and Cinema Arts Theatre) [Google | Don Rockwell | Ylp | Zagat]

China Star for the last two years (2012-2014) has had new owners. It has regained a lot of its previous quality. Scallion fried fish is good again. Green beans are pretty good, as is braised fish. The specials are worth trying, definitely, even though they are only in Chinese. I very much like their crispy rice dish. The place is not perfect, and their “American-Chinese” dishes are still pretty dreadful. But I go here often, and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who has at least a clue as to how to order well in a Chinese restaurant.

(Previous review (from 2006) here.)

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