Distinct Taste

Distinct Taste, web site, another web site, 617 S. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD, 301-987-0800 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Google+ | Ylp]

What a weird restaurant! No one seems to go here, and when I called for a reservation they were absolutely baffled, as if no one ever had done such a thing before. The restaurant is dedicated to regional Chinese cuisine, but it’s not like the other regional Chinese places around. The best thing to do is go here, order a bunch of dishes you’ve never heard of (and they do have quite a few of those), and then half of them will be excellent, half so-so. If you order your Sichuan favorites, and expect a version of the familiar, nope sorry that is not what will be delivered. Or maybe on another day it will be. My favorite item was the tofu skin in black bean sauce, very nice textures, the fish dishes are good too. Overall it’s like pressing the hyperspace button on one of those old video games. It’s recommended for the diner who has tried everything, all others you take your chances.

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  1. Yiwen says:

    Prof. Cowen:

    Unfortunately Hunan Taste in Fairfax appears to have closed.
    Rats. They had several dishes I really liked and couldn’t get elsewhere.

    Simply wanted to let you know

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