Alaska food notes

There is salmon, halibut, and crab, the latter usually priced at $125 for the meal. The salmon I liked but did not love, so the halibut is the standout order in Anchorage, noting that even fish and chips may cost you $45. The vegetables were somewhat better than expected. Many quite good restaurants (at least if you order halibut) look like they are somewhat less than quite good, so the usual visual cues do not apply. Prices seem determined by ingredients, rather than restaurant location or status of the restaurant. I enjoyed my reindeer bibimbap. Chinese restaurants are not common, you will find many more Japanese and sushi places, which based on n = 2 are pretty good. Namaste Shangri-La was excellent, it is one of three (!) Nepalese places in town. The Mexican food I did not try. There are several Polynesian locales. Fresh blueberry and lingonberry jams are not to be neglected. Lower your expectations for the supermarkets, not just the fruit but also the cheese.

Alaska food notes

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