Lima, Peru bleg

Your assistance is humbly requested, noting that the shortness of the trip will prevent any significant excursions outside of the city. Do note I have been there twice, though not in the last nineteen years or so.

I thank you all in advance for your suggestions.

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2 Responses to Lima, Peru bleg

  1. Mike says:

    I HIGHLY recommend going to El Mercado for cevicheria lunch. Had a great meal also at La Mar, but found El Mercado to have some truly standout dishes especially off the specials menu. If they have the seafood tamale with fried langostine in a creamy seafood aji sauce, you must order it. The tiraditos and ceviches were also very good as was a seafood ravioli. The piccarones for dessert were also fantastic. We had a reservation at Maido but canceled after eating too much food at lunch at El Mercado. We enjoyed our dinner at Amaz as well.

    • Mike says:

      We also really liked our sandwiches at La Lucha Sanguchería Criolla. I really wanted to try La Picantería but ran out of meals and time to get there for lunch.

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