Ricos Tacos Moya II

Ricos Tacos Moya II, 10901 Main St., Fairfax, VA, 703-383-0009, and they are often open for breakfast too. (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Yelp]

Pescado frito, by juliana restrepo

Pescado frito, by juliana restrepo

A real, honest-to-goodness Mexican tacqueria in Fairfax! With a real Mexican crowd. It’s pretty good and certainly quite authentic. I like the whole fish best, pescado frito, and also the Pozole soup. Not everything here has vivid tastes and flavors, but still it is a big advance beyond its Fairfax competitors. Branch #1 by the way is in Woodbridge, and Branch #3 is in Alexandria.

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One Response to Ricos Tacos Moya II

  1. Simon says:

    #2 is nowhere near as good as the original, #1, in Woodbridge… had lunch at #2 the other day and was not impressed.

    Incidentially, if you go to Oyamel and eat only tacos, the tacos are only $0.50 more expensive per taco than at any taqueria. I go to Oyamel and get 4 tacos for lunh, 5 for dinner, and am quite satisfied without breaking the bank.

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