Asian Origin

Asian Origin, web site, 1753 Pinnacle Drive, McLean, VA, very close to Tysons II, 703-448-9988 (Metro Trip Planner – opens in new window) [Don Rockwell | Ylp]

Update July 2020: Reportedly new owners and new chef.

Mostly Sichuan, this is the best Chinese food in Virginia right now. You could try the spicy fish with potato and lotus root, the dan dan noodles, or Chairman Mao pork belly, among many other classics. I’ve had numerous dishes here, and not one of them has misfired. Somehow people don’t seem to know about this place yet, but it bowled me over with its subtlety and appreciation of tradition. There have a very nice private room, the menu is relatively good for vegetarians, as Chinese goes, and the décor is good enough that you could bring a client or business associate here. And yet the food totally delivers. I don’t think there is a separate Chinese menu, but you can always try asking about special Chinese dishes, no promises however but they might have one or two for you.

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