Toronto food bleg

I won’t be there until September (2012), but someone I know (who lives in “our world,” most likely you have read him on economics) will be there sooner. Please help us both out. He has very good taste in food. We both thank you in advance.

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5 Responses to Toronto food bleg

  1. db says:

    I just got back from Toronto. Eat indian food in Brampton, a suburb just northwest of the city. It has a very large south asian population. According to wikipedia, Punjabi is the mother tong of 27% of Brampton’s population. I have no specific restaurant recommendations, but when I was there I ate at Tandoori Flame, which was far and away the best indian buffet I’ve ever had (It blows the doors off of Minerva in Fairfax). Nevertheless, I have no doubt that far better indian and pakistani food can be found if you find a place that caters exclusively to recent immigrants.

  2. mulp says:

    Why don’t you look for American food chains which have demonstrated super innovative success moving food “10,000 miles” to deliver fantastic American cuisine all over the world?

    America has the most innovative food production industry, so shouldn’t American food from the highly innovative high tech American food industry be the superior food globally?

  3. Ted F says:

    Khao San Road downtown is a poor man’s Little Serow, right down to being impossible to get a table after 5:45. Only place I found so far that might make it into my rotation if it were in NoVA, so would like to see the eventual recommendations.

  4. encurtido says:

    If you haven’t gone yet… try Aguacate y Agave in Kensington Market. In fact, there are lots of interesting little food stalls tucked away in the market. Just follow your nose.

  5. David Ing says:

    @tylercowan You’re scheduled to be in downtown Toronto, so the suburbs may be out of reach. I mark my restaurant visits on Urbanspoon, and blog the most under-appreciated. For Toronto, my list is at .

    I agree with your Six Rules for Dining Out. In over 25 years of business travel, I’ve eaten in the hotel resto about 4 times. Finding ethnic restaurants are a great way to explore cities.

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